Constructing and building buildings such as schools, hospitals, administrative and commercial buildings, and equipping them with elevators, finishes and finishes such as facades, and all renovation works for buildings and architectural structures.

Paving Roads

Road preparation, modification, earthworks, paving, asphalt coatings, additives, bridge works, road shoulders, sidewalks, walkways and walkways of various shapes and types. We also receive projects in all cities, villages and suburbs, near or far.

Concrete bridge construction

Concrete bridges and their constructions, metal bridges, as well as permanent and temporary floating bridges with all their mechanical and civil works, as well as digging tunnels under roads using modern methods and related constructions.

Preparation of ready-mixed concrete

For contractors and companies, we supply, pour, and install prefabricated structures such as concrete castings, prefabricated walls, bridge curbs, and concrete stalactites for walkways, sidewalks, and kerbstones of all kinds.

Mechanical works for building structures

Light iron works and heavy metal structures for buildings with metal structures, construction of roofs and warehouses, wrapping them, insulation works and walls, as well as erecting bridge scales and bridge cranes for industrial use, and building gables for regular, refrigerated and special-use warehouses.

Drinking Water Stations

Establishing, designing and rehabilitating drinking water stations of various capacities, small and even central, installing pumps, rehabilitating and manufacturing basins, supplying filters, all water station equipment, sterilization systems, chlorine and alum injectors, installation and maintenance, as well as RO stations of all sizes, mobile, fixed and solar powered.

Heavy water treatment plants

Establishing sewage treatment plants and industrial, chemical, sanitary and other waste water, recycling waste and processing the renewable use of outputs of various sizes, even stations that can serve an entire city and those that serve a residential unit or a group of them, as well as those that can serve a large industrial complex or one industrial unit.

Power station equipment

Supply and processing of electrical equipment for state institutions and private companies. And installing devices, supplying technologies and standards, extending overhead and buried transmission lines, re-extending electricity distribution networks, supplying and installing electrical transformers of various sizes and electric power generators

Heat Exchangers

Designing, manufacturing and commissioning of all types of water and air heat exchangers and maintenance such as leak removal, gasket replacement, shell repair, shell and tube change, pipe cleaning and transformer pipe leak testing within any type of our specialization.

Renewable energy stations

Supplying solar energy equipment. The company is considered a pioneer in this field and builds strong and strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers around the year to provide the best equipment and the most advanced devices. It works in the field of spreading social awareness towards the use of renewable energy within the company’s center to expand this sector in Iraq.

Commercial, industrial and agricultural processing

Our company carries out all processing works for various industrial and service sectors, such as equipment, construction materials, raw materials, and electronic and electrical control equipment. It also supplies school and hospital equipment as well.

Urban Planning

The company provides design services, surveying and cadastral data using the latest technologies and equipment. It also performs ground work, shoveling rubble and soil, refilling spaces and preparing lands for various engineering and architectural uses.

Alternative Energy Stations

The company installs home solar energy stations for citizens to provide clean energy produced at home as well as in commercial and industrial facilities. It has specialized engineering teams and serves citizens in various governorates. The company is also registered with the Ministry of Electricity as an approved supplier of home systems, solar and wind energy equipment.