Qimam Hamrin Company

For Trading, Contracting, Designs, Consultations, Engineering Tests, Soil Tests, Public Transportation, E-Marketing, Real Estate Investments, and Renewable Energy Services..
Since 2005, when the company was established on the basis of years of experience in contracting and trade, to be the address under which we provide our services and contribute to building the nation with vigor and mastery surrounded and guided by the committed professional engineering thought.

Team Members


Growing scale







The ambition of leadership and our passion for excellence makes us in a constant pursuit to keep pace with the best in the size and quality of our investments, armed with the constant development of our performance in line with our ambitions. The diversification of our services is in line with the desires of our customers to strengthen our competitive capabilities in all activities.

Managing Director


We are distinguished by modernity and creativity in the fields of modern construction and to make your projects more attractive and contribute to improving their functions and benefiting from them while preserving their quality and architectural value. Therefore, we have taken many appropriate policies for all projects according to the official frameworks of the companies.

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Our vision

Qimam Hamrin is the leader in its services, providing the bestThe most advanced and armed with modern technology in the fields of contracting and other activities of the company.

Our mission

That Qimam Hamrin efficiently implement important and vital projectsAnd high technology and record time, which makes it a unique and distinguished institution

Work values

Complete business openly, transparently and fairly.
Considering quality and trust as the cornerstone of every project.
Use the available and appropriate resources to achieve the required objectives in the project quickly.
Embracing the principle of development and adopting advanced technologies and advanced resources in building towards the best results.
Providing trustworthy solutions by adopting a real strategy and putting safety in policies and procedures in the first place.
Protecting clients investments and adopting the principle of fair and advised evaluation.

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