Employment Policy

The company takes into account a lot of controls and takes a lot of things into account when hiring workers or expertise
- Good selection of expertise, specializations, and local workers who have the potential to qualify for jobs and develop in the various departments of the company.
Organizing training courses to include all types of training, preparation and development.
- Developing a performance appraisal system based on the continuous assessment of the employees strengths and weaknesses so that this system works to ensure that the necessary corrective measures are taken to ensure the continuation of the employees service and the performance of his work duties to the fullest
- Developing technical, social and psychological control systems that help newcomers to join the company, especially young ones, to do what is expected of them, whether in the field of training or performance
- Designing a system that ensures the transfer of information from current job holders to employees from the local workforce.
The company itself is subject to important controls in the employment policy:

1- Appropriate specialization and qualifications
2- Women empowerment and equality
3- Remunerative wages and appreciation for efforts and creativity
4- Equitable use of labor from the areas in which the projects are located and not to exploit workers under the legal age.

Quality Policy

Qimam Hamreen Trading and General Contracting Company is committed to applying the quality management system and the continuous development of this system in accordance with international quality standards ISO 9001: 2015 in all the company’s activities in the field of construction and contracting. Our company is also keen to support, train and develop all employees of the company to achieve the required level of competence and maintain it
The companys management is committed to:
• Encouraging and promoting innovation and creativity at all levels in the company
• Determine the training needs of employees to achieve the companys goals
• Continuing to develop and improve the efficiency of the quality management system and to provide services in accordance with its specifications• Defining client requirements and directing the work team to focus on understanding and implementing them satisfactorily

Our Environmental Policies

We are committed to protecting the natural environment in the areas in which we operate, and we manage our environmental actions responsibly. We aim to continuously improve our environmental performance through our commitment and keenness to manage our activities in the field of contracting, construction and services, all with the slogan of environmentally friendly activity. In addition, we are keen to manage our environmental actions with all responsibility, aiming to continuously improve our environmental performance through our environmental policy:
Respecting national legislation, laws and codes of good practice increases efficiency and potential cost savings when managing environmental obligations as well as targeting scarce resources to manage the environment more effectively by complying with norms related to pollution reduction.

Implementing, maintaining and regularly reviewing the environmental management system in accordance with international standards and practicing all our activities and activities in accordance with the requirements of the system. And with a closer look, it aims to discover the places of actual application in environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of the international standard.

To reduce the negative effects and despite the great efforts made by many governments, international and national organizations and agencies, we are keen to use new and advanced technical means in order to reduce the negative effects of industrial waste within the framework of our companys efforts to achieve sustainability through the preservation of natural resources and the use of exhausts that can be recycled, which It is estimated in large quantities due to the importance of these materials in reducing energy consumption and preserving the environment.

From the beginning, it was our companys policy to reduce industrial waste collection costs and facilitate their recycling and recovery such as waste generation prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling, and cleaner production, among others; Our company operates and implements all its programs in accordance with “Energy and Environmental Design” and the “ISO 14001” system for environmental management in our facilities.

Behavioral and ethical values

The company has prepared several procedures that support the application of the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior, including:
• Charter of Professional and Ethical Conduct
• Transactions with related parties
• Conflict of interest
• Confidentiality and information security
• Reporting violations
Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics:
The company has adopted a charter of professional and ethical behavior, which clarifies the standards that all members of the Board of Directors, employees and related parties must abide by in their dealings, which contributes to establishing the values of honesty, integrity and ethical behavior in all transactions, whether inside or outside the company.
Transactions with related parties:
The company has adopted a policy for transactions with related parties, and that policy sets the proper rules for conducting these transactions and the mechanism for approving and disclosing them in accordance with international standards, the articles of association of the company, and the instructions issued by the regulatory authorities.
Conflict of Interest:
The company has adopted a policy to deal with cases of conflict of interests and a mechanism for following up and disclosing them in the light of the law and the requirements of the regulatory authorities, in a way that ensures that the companys resources are not exploited or misuse of powers and powers to achieve a special interest or in conflict with the interests of the company. The policy clarifies the responsibilities of oversight over the implementation of the conflict of interest policy through the internal audit and risk management departments and the companys audit and risk management committee.
Confidentiality and information security:
The company, executive management and employees are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information and data related to the company and its stakeholders, including data of customers, suppliers and employees, in accordance with the rules stipulated in the laws and guidelines issued by the regulatory authorities in this regard. The company implements a security policy and effective procedures to maintain the security of information.

Occupational safety and health

Our company is fully aware of the size of its responsibilities towards occupational health and safety in the workplace for all individuals, including workers, employees, subcontractors and visitors. It is also committed to improving the health and safety management system continuously to be subject to all applicable international standards and to all health systems and legislation. and occupational safety in force. In this context, our company applies the following procedures:
Alerting all workers to the dangers that they may be exposed to on the site and training them on how to confront and overcome them.
• Providing fire fighting devices and training workers on how to use them.
• Training workers on the correct and proper use of machinery and equipment and methods of operating them in a way that guarantees their safety.
• Reviewing the training procedures that workers need on a regular and regular basis.
• Provide intensive training for new workers and employees, especially when new work items or new machinery and equipment are introduced to the site.
• Giving general directions and instructions to act quickly in case of emergency or in the event of accidents during work.
• Find a way to quickly contact the nearest hospital or health center.
• Providing brochures for occupational safety at the work site that contain guidelines, instructions and conditions for occupational safety.
• Ensure that all workers at the site adhere to the terms and conditions of occupational safety set by the company, confirm their commitment to them, and not tolerate anyone who violates any of its clauses.
• Encouraging workers to participate in training programs related to occupational safety, as well as encouraging their contributions in this field.
• Considering occupational safety requirements as a binding condition for work at the site.