Engineer Amer Al-Azzawi

To establish a purely procedural work company, to implement a project that others do, to build a principle of success and a path of transcendence and an edifice to which competencies belong and whose horizons of services expand, this is the meaning and thus we found the goal. Over a decade and a half of continuous fruitful work and dozens of diversified projects, between traditional contracting and meticulous mechanical works towards strategic and large projects, this is our journey in Qimam Hamreen Company for Trading and General Contracting. The engineering thought in the implementation of projects and the completion of contracting of all types of works gives confidence in development and controls with high quality the specifications of the work and the accuracy of its completion. Where high standards and high commitment to responsible and exemplary policies is the secret towards this success. The team spirit that we cultivated among the group of engineers, technicians and business executors, in addition to the administrative effort, made the company an oasis to which the ways of progress and the positive ideas of the builders belong. We look forward to steadfastness, continuous development, and renewal of methods and blood to maintain the distinguished line and the dazzling success, which, praise be to God, is the result of every work we carry out. Perhaps the permanent developments in the expansion of the scopes and areas of the company and the stability of its feet in every sector and activity is the real judgment and conclusive proof that we are moving towards prosperity and success. Our company will be a successful partner for every project and an impartial assistant to everyone who needs our expertise and the strength of the performance of the engineering and technical work teams to implement any project. Our commitment stems from a sustainable vision towards a brighter future and a true and impartial contribution to building our beloved Iraq as sons who cannot but repay the debt of this great country with all its history and greatness. God grants success