Heat Exchangers

Building and restoration works

Drawing engineering drawings

Sun, oil and gas


Since 2005, when the company was established on the basis of years of experience in contracting and trade, to be the address under which we provide our services and contribute to building the nation with vigor and perfection surrounded by a committed professional engineering thought.

  • Construction and building works
  • Restoration of all types of facilities
  • Rehabilitation of drinking water purification plants

Information about us

Our company policies

Our company is keen to support, train, and develop all employees of the company to achieve and maintain the required level of efficiency.

  • Quality Policy
  • Our environmental policy
  • Occupational and health safety

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Agencies and corporate credits

Our company has many agencies, distribution credits and cooperation from reputable international companies for various sectors:

  • Genex Turbine Technology Company
  • German Norglow Group for the manufacture of oil equipment
  • American company ATTI for the manufacture of spare parts for gas generation stations
  • Spanish company Tesca for the manufacture of bridge equipment and metal ropes
  • Turkish Tartan Company for the manufacture of scales and bridge scales
  • Sunwan Turkish company for designs, consulting and various construction works
  • ALFA S.R.L Italian company for the manufacture of heat exchangers, steam boilers, oil and water pumps

Renewable Energy'

Installing and operating solar power stations

Over the years of work, the company did not face a challenge in its projects except that it was bigger and more challenging and overcame it and made it a success and excellence.

Our mission

That Qimam Hamrin efficiently implement important and vital projects

And high technology and record time, which makes it a unique and distinguished institution

Our vision

Qimam Hamrin is the leader in its services, providing the best

The most advanced and armed with modern technology in the fields of contracting and other activities of the company.

Work values

Complete business openly, transparently and fairly

Considering quality and trust as the cornerstone of every project

Qimam Hamrin Company
Trading and Contracting

With every project we implement, we gain more experience and have more development tools. The diversity of projects and the orientation towards the largest in size with each step increases the responsibility at the same time that the capabilities and capabilities of the company develop and its successes grow.

Our Services


Constructing and building buildings such as schools, hospitals, administrative and commercial buildings, and equipping them with elevators, finishes and finishes such as facades, and all renovation works for buildings and architectural structures.

Paving Roads

Road preparation, modification, earthworks, paving, asphalt coatings, additives, bridge works, road shoulders, sidewalks, walkways and walkways of various shapes and types. We also receive projects in all cities, villages and suburbs, near or far.

Concrete bridge construction

Concrete bridges and their constructions, metal bridges, as well as permanent and temporary floating bridges with all their mechanical and civil works, as well as digging tunnels under roads using modern methods and related constructions.

our working team

The company takes into account a lot of controls and takes a lot of things into account when hiring workers or expertise

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